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“I was entranced from the first page, and couldn’t put this book down! Lauren’s descriptive writing style and sense of humor combine to make this true story come to life and a must read. I felt like I was by her side through the entire journey.”
—Sunny McMurtrey
Stories from a Global Cowgirl
Asked to help a profoundly handicapped neighbor, a little girl sets her dolls aside and reluctantly performs caregiving tasks way beyond her years. After a variety of caregiving experiences and becoming a Christian many years later, she prays for guidance, for her gifts to be revealed, and where she’s meant to serve.
Mystified by a series of disturbing dreams and the events that follow, she sets out on a journey to put the puzzle pieces together. She finds herself in a surprising role that requires more sensitivity, empathy, strength, grit, and love than she could ever imagine. In the process, she learns about life and death and that she’s fulfilling a mission with impacts much wider than just her Mother and Father.
The author balances the facts of her discoveries with her unique sense of humor that reminds us we’re all flawed, human, and loved anyway. Be prepared to laugh, cry, and scratch your head.